Saturday, 17 April 2010

New Exhibition - TagoMago, Barcelona

We are in the process of carefully packaging pictures for a new exhibition beginning this month at Galeria TagoMago, located in the culturally vibrant city of Barcelona. The exhibition: X-ray - Nick Veasey, runs from the 29th of April until June the 12th 2010 featuring more than 30 works created in the X-ray lab at Radar Studio and produced as stunning C-Type Diasec prints, ranging in size and subject from some fascinating studies of Orchids and Dendrobium flowers through to the notable life-size presentation of an Austin Mini, captured in spectacular detail by Nick's X-ray equipment.

The Mini image took hours of re-engineering with individual components carefully exposed to the optimum amounts of radiation, then the large number of films were painstakingly scanned and reconstructed inside a computer, straining with processing the life-size dimensions of the car. Further toil and careful crafting have yielded a mesmerising result. This is not just an image for budding mechanics or classic Mini aficionados; the observer could spend hours of careful scrutiny admiring the engineering brilliance of Alex Issigonis and his team or they could step back and admire the
overarching subtlety and aesthetic wonder of a British design classic.

Galeria TagoMago, 3 Santa Teresa, 08012 Barcelona.


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  2. Hay Nick!
    found you by chance ...
    I was fascinated with his art ...

  3. This is a brilliant idea!
    Thanks for your art Nick.