Thursday, 22 April 2010

X-rays: A Child's Eye View

One of the most rewarding projects Nick has been involved with in recent times is the publication of a book of his X-rays, produced in collaboration with the Science Museum in London. The book, entitled X-treme X-ray is published for children and serves as a fantastic introduction to the incredible power of X-ray radiation. As the jacket says:


Then enter the world of X-treme X-ray, where nothing is as it seems. See through the surface of a computer to the microchips and working parts within. Explore the many bones of a human skeleton in action. Turn bats and spiders inside out and discover a wealth of fascinating facts along the way."

X-treme X-ray has 48 pages of Nick's pictures and is packed with well-researched facts about the subjects making it an extremely informative book as well as being visually intriguing and exciting.

X-treme X-ray is published by Carlton Books at £9.99 and is available from the Science Museum and at a wealth of bookshops both good, bad and indifferent.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

X-ray: See Through The World Around You - German Edition

Nick's award-winning book X-ray: See Through The World Around You has recently been released in a German language edition by Collection Rolf Heyne. Two years after its UK and American publication the hardback edition has been reprinted with German language translations of the four chapter introductions: Objects; The Body; Nature and Fashion and great care has been taken with the translation of the captions which accompany each image and explain each X-ray in Nick's own words.

The German edition doesn't stint on the photographic reproduction either with over 250 images printed on high-quality gloss paper and bound in a heavyweight cover with dust-jacket. The book is available in many German language bookshops and from so look out for X-Ray. Die Schönheit des Verborgenen, published from March 17th 2010.

Klaudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe

Another intriguing exhibition occurs hot on the heels of the Barcelona event but this time Nick will be leaving European shores to open a show of works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA at the Klaudia Marr Gallery located in downtown Santa Fe adjacent to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. The gallery offers a new opportunity for Nick as it will be an interesting chance to see how his work is received in an environment distinct from the art circles of the major east and west coast cities. Besides, he has always fancied oiling up his chaps and taking to the saddle in a ten-gallon hat, to earn his spurs as a gen-u-wine cowboy ...

A varied selection of images will be presented including the award-winning piece entitled Kylie's Knickers which narrowly fell short of the judges final decision for the Lucie Award for International Photographer of the Year...perhaps they weren't Neighbours fans. Nick's X-rays of clothing and fabrics have won many admirers and commissions from the fashion and couture world and there are further works in the exhibit that show the fine craftsmanship in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes as well as an elegant female leg poised seductively in a stiletto shoe. A smaller sized edition of the Mini will be represented here as well as another vehicle in the form of Nick's Bulldozer piece.

So, to see this spectacular selection of Nick's work in the New Mexico area, please journey to the welcoming destination of the Klaudia Marr Gallery in Santa Fe from the 7th of May.

Klaudia Marr Gallery 229 Johnson Street, Suite C Santa Fe, NM 8750, 
Tel: (505)988-2100