Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Victoria and Albert Museum, Camera-less Photography

As part of the Victoria and Albert Museum's exhibition on camera-less photography Shadowcatchers, a piece by Nick entitled Puffa Jacket is displayed in the photography gallery alongside representative works which demonstrate key works in the history of the medium. 

Since the inception of photography, artists and image-makers have experimented with photograms, chemical, plate and film manipulations and the Shadowcatchers main exhibit celebrates five contemporary exponents, each whose work is unique in its own right. The five artists are: Floris Neusüss (b. 1937), Pierre Cordier(b. 1933), Garry Fabian Miller (b. 1957), Susan Derges (b.1955) and Adam Fuss (b. 1961). Puffa Jacket is aside from the main exhibit which is mounted adjacent to the main entrance hall. If you seek out room 38a on the ground floor the piece is exhibited as the most recent example of British contemporary, camera-less photography.

The team at Radar Studio enjoyed a day out to the V&A, where they enjoyed the Shadowcatchers exhibit as well as the satisfaction of seeing the Puffa Jacket piece mounted and displayed alongside other fascinating works.
Shadowcatchers will be running at the Victoria and Albert Museum until the 20th of February 2011. 

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