Thursday, 19 May 2011

Crate for Canada

No sneaky peeking allowed this crate is seriously well built and screwed down tight!

18 Pieces of X-ray art carefully packaged and on their way to Gallerie LeRoyer in Canada.  More news coming soon with regards to this exhibition.  Of course we'll keep you updated.

If you just can't wait to know what's being shown contact:
Alexandra from or
Wendy (Nick's Fine arts assistant) email

Oh and many thanks to Gordon for building the bespoke crate!


  1. We're very much looking forward to receiving it! Thanks a lot Nick!

  2. with your brilliant idea of art in x-ray really open my eyes.
    with peace and love from malaysia-delila(student of radiography)

  3. Eve - I believe the crate is in Montreal so won't be too much longer!

    Delila - peace and love back to Malaysia!