Thursday, 12 April 2012

X-ray at Brucie Collections - Ukraine Exhibition.

Extract  from the press release:  
  "...For the first time both photography collectors and art critics in Kiev have a chance to see the original works of Nick Veasey, the man who has a unique interpretation of the rather clichéd words “beauty is more than skin deep”.

 “Unusual” is another word to be used when speaking about Veasey’s photographs as well as the painstakingly involved process - probably the most scientific in today’s art. In his own words, “a keen experimenter and a rule breaker”, he uses an X-ray machine rather than a traditional camera to produce surprising, visually enchanting work that begs the observer to think about what's under the surface  — from the intricate structure of a wildflower to the anatomy of a passenger aircraft..."

This exhibition is on now right through to May 2012 for more details or to request a private viewing appointment please contact Vadim or Maria +380 (44) 353-1234 at Brucie collections

All works are available for purchase, some pieces are from Nick's limited edition collection.  Our thanks to the team at Brucie Collections who worked really hard to get this exhibition underway.

Nick attending the Private viewing...

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